Sleep Machine
Manufacturer Tom Kuhn
Release date 1992
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 58.4 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.44mm
Width: 36mm
Material Laminated wood
Bearing size Size I Tom Kuhn
Response system 1999 onwards: Tom Kuhn Turbo Discs
Introduced in 1992, the Sleep Machine and the Roller Woody took the ball bearing axle and gap adjustment system of the SB-2 and put them in a wooden body to create the first ball bearing wooden yo-yos.

Originally offered in both varnished and painted maple finishes, the Butterfly-profiled Sleep Machine was later offered in laminates and various custom paint schemes. In 2014, Tom Kuhn also began producing Sleep Machine yo-yos with new Mandala-style Filigree and Solar Flare laser engravings.