Kyle Nguyen, who goes by the name Tommy Gun, was the webmaster and co-owner of ExtremeSpin, and the admin of The ExtremeSpin Forum. He started yo-yoing in 1998, and got a job at a mall kiosk called YoYoHouse a month later. His manager was Rich Rains, who co-founded ExtremeSpin with him after YoYoHouse was shut down.

Tommy was a judge at Midwest Regionals in 2002. He has made many clip videos from various contests, as well as filmed the freestyles and made them available online.

In the old days he went by the handle "obscuremind," and had a yo-yo fansite called "Spinosity." This is where the Chicago Crew videos were originally posted, and the reason he first started learning web design.

In 2004 he organized the Stupid Trick Contest at Midwest Regionals, and created a video for it. It was an idea he had for years, and is one of his proudest accomplishments.

His yo-yo blog, "Notes from Tommy Gun", changed in September 2006 to the official ExtremeSpin blog titled "Centrifugal Force." The blog discussed skill toys and upcoming events (such as forum contests). All the updates for ExtremeSpin were also posted, so you could subscribe to the RSS feed to get them automatically. It also hosted the Team ES site, which had player profiles for Team ExtremeSpin. After the ExtremeSpin store closed, the blog was shut down, although the old posts could still be read on The ExtremeSpin Forum. He has moved some of the old posts to his new blog.

He is credited with creating a style of yo-yoing called Doubles which involves using two yo-yos on one hand (one on your index finger, and the other on your ring finger). This style was featured in the yo-yo magazine Yo-yo World, and can be seen in old videos he posted on YouTube. He also coined the term Inner Ring Grind in 2004, for which he is very sorry.

Some of the more recent single A tricks he has created are:

  • Thixotropy
  • John Doe Whip
  • Circle Grind

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