The Massachusetts State Contest is a US State Contest.

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2007 Competition

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Will be held February 25th at the University of Massachusetts Amherst located in Amherst, MA. Andre Boulay is organizing and running the event.

Come and meet famous yo-yo players such as Andre Boulay, Johnnie Delvalle, and John Higby.


Players may compete in the following divisions: Beginner, Intermediate (Sports Ladder), Junior Single A, X-Division, and Single A (1A).

Beginner division will be divided by age into three groupings: 5-9, 10-15, 16 and up.

Intermediate (Sports Ladder) division will be divided by age into 5 groupings: 7 and under, 8-10, 11-15, 16-29, 30+.

Junior Single A is limited to players between the ages of 6 and 14 years old.

X-Division is open to any age.

Single A (1A) is also open to any age.


Current sponsors (in alphabetical order)

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2006 Competition

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The 2006 MA State Yo-Yo Competition was held on Sunday, February 26th at UMass Amherst.

There were over 80 competitors and 13 sponsors.

Some of the special guests were Andre Boulay, Johnnie Delvalle, John Higby, Takeshi, Mikhail Tulabut, Tim Redmond, and Matt Boxthor.

The competition consisted of the following divisions: Beginner (Results), Sports Ladder (Results), Junior Single A (Results), X-Division Championship (Results), and Single A Championship (Results).

The top three players in each division were recognized. First place received a trophy while second and third place received prizes.

Since this was a Massachusetts State competition the highest placing player from Massachusetts in each style of play (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A) was recognized and awarded prizes. In the Single A (1A) division, the second and third place winners from Massachusetts were awarded certificates.

The competition was featured in the local news. Article Video

We would like to thank Boxthor for the videos. Boxthor's Massachusetts State Yoyo Contest 2006 Clip Video


We would like to thank all of our sponsors (in alphabetical order)



5yr - 9yr
Williams, Brian6461stGroup Photo - Awards
Williams, Claire8362ndGroup Photo - Awards
Kanig, Max9343rdGroup Photo - Awards
Salem, Hunter Daniel8304th
Auger, Braden9205th
10yr - 15yr
Venman, Killian10431stAwards Photo
Mencher, Avery11382nd
Levitt, Jacob10363rd
16yr and up
Schubmehl, Jeanne45461stGroup Photo - Awards
Williams, Dennis 36412ndGroup Photo - Awards


7yr and under
Dietz, Zachary7101stAwards Photo
8yr - 10yr
Viola, Theo9221stGroup Photo - Awards
Micca, Sean9192ndGroup Photo - Awards
Mollan, Tylor8183rdGroup Photo - Awards
Williams, Paul10174th
Stewart, Matt9165th
Cottrell, Andy9156th
Scott, Corey9107th
Bellows, Joshua Gartner898th
Zaleski, Andy1009th
11yr - 15yr
Hooker, Jake11301stGroup Photo - Awards
Brant, Alex13292ndGroup Photo - Awards
Ameur, Josef13273rdGroup Photo - Awards
Dietz, Daniel12224th
O'Sullivan, Kieran11215th - TIE
12215th - TIE
Dougherty, Matt13215th - TIE
Barron, Addison11206th - TIE
Smith, Josiah14206th - TIE
Miller, Kiel11187th
DeMeo, Ben13178th
Melchiorre, Marisa12139th
Melchiorre, Dan13910th
Fleming, Lizzy11011th - TIE
Rudin, Philip15011th - TIE
16yr - 29yr
Gartner, Jillian17191stGroup Photo - Awards
Ricker, Eric28132ndGroup Photo - Awards
Lucas, Matt20103rdGroup Photo - Awards
Petrone, Katie2194th
30yr and up
Wright, Grahame33301stGroup Photo - Awards
Finn, Jack50242ndGroup Photo - Awards
Ameur, Alicia37193rd - TIEGroup Photo - Awards
Brant, Andy41193rd - TIEGroup Photo - Awards
Hermanson, Seth32164th


Hooker, Jake76.091stGroup Photo - Awards, Photo
Brant, Alex68.862ndGroup Photo - Awards, Photo
Bethell, Isaiah64.593rdGroup Photo - Awards, Photo
Dougherty, Matt51.424thPhoto
Rege-Cole, Leland48.785thPhoto
Williams, Paul46.536thPhoto
Dietz, Daniel46.087thPhoto1, Photo2
Stewart, Matt45.408thPhoto
Kim, Brandon43.909thPhoto
Smith, Josiah32.4410thPhoto
Miller, Kiel25.3311thPhoto
Micca, Sean23.8912th


Bennett, Dana38.841st Group Photo - AwardsVideo
Karan, Shane38.002nd2A CHAMPION NON RESIDENTGroup Photo - AwardsVideo
Lai, Ryan37.173rd Group Photo - Awards, Photo Video
Cuartero, Francis Patrick30.474th Photo
Coons, Jeff26.275th4A MASS STATE CHAMPIONGroup Photo - AwardsVideo
Kirk, AJ25.996th
Sutter, Nathan23.917th5A MASS STATE CHAMPIONGroup Photo - Awards
Moriarty, Camden23.208th Photo1, Photo2
Robinson, Jonathon22.929th
Rudin, Philip21.0910th
Cosky, Brian20.4011th
Girardi, Eric16.8812th
Tetz, Drew15.9413th3A CHAMPION NON-RESIDENTGroup Photo - Awards
Fernandez, Matthew15.0014th
Chrisner, Dashiell10.5515th


Koloski, Eric42.51stPhoto
Lozyniak, Alex41.962ndPhoto
Cooper, Jordan37.53rd -TIEPhoto
Tulabut, Mikhail37.54th -TIEPhoto1,Photo2
Cosky, Brian355thPhoto
Lai, Ryan32.236thPhoto
Gumlaw, Nick26.767thPhoto
Dineen, Henry Q.25.548th
Bennett, Dana259th - TIEPhoto
Karan, Shane2510th - TIEPhoto1,Photo2
Moriarty, Camden2511th - TIEPhoto1,Photo2
Piscitelli, Andrew24.3812thPhoto
Almanzar, David23.7513thPhoto1,Photo2
Gartner, Brahm23.1314thPhoto
Bethell, Solana21.8815thPhoto1,Photo2
Baines, Brandon21.2816thPhoto
Scott, Ryan18.1317thPhoto
Bein, Ethan17.6418thPhoto
Coons, Jeff17.519thPhoto
Tetz, Drew1520thPhoto
Deutchman, Eric7.9121stPhoto
Frederick, Devon6.2522ndPhoto
Chrisner, Dashiell323rdPhoto
Fumo, Shawn024thPhoto


Koloski, Eric45.001st1st Mass ResidentGroup Photo - AwardsVideo
Lai, Ryan42.902nd Group Photo - AwardsVideo
Lozyniak, Alex41.043rd2nd Mass ResidentGroup Photo - AwardsVideo
Cooper, Jordan38.014th3rd Mass ResidentVideo
Cosky, Brian36.145th4th Mass ResidentVideo
Karan, Shane34.046th
Baines, Brandon31.757th
Piscitelli, Andrew31.718th5th Mass Resident
Dineen, Henry Q.30.549th6th Mass Resident
Bennett, Dana27.7610th
Gumlaw, Nick25.8611th7th Mass Resident
Moriarty, Camden24.0212th8th Mass Resident
Almanzar, David23.5513th9th Mass Resident
Gartner, Brahm21.2214th10th Mass Resident
Bethell, Solana19.5615th11th Mass Resident

2005 Competition

The 2005 MA State Yo-Yo Competition was held on Sunday, February 6th at UMass Amherst.

The judges were Andre Boulay, Johnnie Delvalle, John Higby, and Jennifer Baybrook.


We would like to thank all of our sponsors (in alphabetical order)



5yr - 9yr
O'Flaherty, Claudia732TIE (4th)
Bedsa, Amber8413rd
Stewart, Matthew832TIE (4th)
Viola, Theo850TIE (1st)
Colt-Rege Leland950TIE (2nd)
10yr - 15yr
Duffy, Aiden10384th
Ben Adams10433rd
Lai Tyler11481st
Boulay, Jaime14452nd
16yr and up
Okun, Nate19384th
Lucas, Matt19481st
Petrone, Katie2046TIE (3rd)
Kozlowski,Mitchelle2046TIE (2nd)


7yr and under
Dietz, Zachary642nd
8yr - 10yr
Dietz, Joshua856th
Francesquini, Kawika8144th
Dolmanisth, Taliesin8181st
Hooker, Jake1075th
Loomis-Dulong, Forest10163rd
O'Sullivan, Kieran10172nd
11yr - 15yr
Dietz, Daniel1112TIE (5th)
Bethell, Solana11262nd
Ferdico, Michael11301st
Ameur, Josef12214th
Wozniak, Chris1496th
Freitag, Kyle1412TIE (5th)
Gartner, Brahm14233rd
16yr - 29yr
Gartner, Jillian169TIE (2nd)
Frederick, Devon209TIE (3rd)
30yr and up
Wright, Grahame32281st
Ameur, Alicia36104th
Sponburgh, Cher50113rd
Lowing, Doug50132nd


Ally Batchelder1st
Nate Sutter2nd
Dana Bennett3rd
Pat Cuartero4th
Celia Coons5th
Camden Moriarty6th
David Almanzar7th
Ethan Bein8th
Kayla Gates9th


NAMEFreestyle ScoreFinal
Koloski, Eric3161st
Lozyniak, Alex3012nd
Ferrante, Brett2873rd
Piscitelli, Andrew2284th
Baines, Brandon2105th
Cosky, Brian2066th
Lai, Ryan1927th
Fumo, Shawn1708th
Dillon, Brendan1569th
Wellman, Daole, Gordie14110th
Almanzar, David14011th
Bennett, Dana13512th
Larrabee, Brendan12913th
Bein, Ethan9914th
Dineen, Henry2515th

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