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Hans B. Wiezorke
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Alias none
Resides Karlsruhe, Germany
Affiliation none
YoYoStyle 1A
Playing Since (please complete)
Known for yo-yoing at the office, restoring pinball machines

Hi all,

I've been yo-yoing for roughly ten years now. In 1998 I went to worlds in Las Vegas. Dropped out in the qualification round :) but it was a lot of fun. Found less time to yo afterwards, but still like to play for a few minutes every day. Always have a yo-yo on my desk at work.

What I do at yoyowiki

When yoyowiki started, I tried to give some structure to the reference section of the wiki, so I started the Glossary and reworked the articles about yo-yo anatomy. Added several diagrams for these pages as well.

To make trick descriptions easier, I experimented around with YoYoGrams, but never got around to making many of them. In the meantime the various video sites that have sprung up, offer a far better way to explain a trick.

Took a long pause then, built a house, only yo-yoed occasionally.

As I always envisioned yoyowiki as a portal for all yo-yo information. A place where you could find everything from beginners lectures and trick tutorials to yo-yo reviews. So I will try to rework the beginners section and trick pages. Ideally the tricks section should be a reference to all good yo-yo material out there on the net, as well as a guide, that shows you, what to learn next.

My Yoyowiki T-Shirt

For the 2008 European Jugglers Conference in Karlsruhe I made myself a T-shirt with the yoyowiki logo. Here's how it looks:

Front Back

Favorite yo-yos

These days, I play mostly 1A with completely unresponsive yo-yos. I like the all plastic yo-yos from YoYoJam. Even though I love my many aluminum yo-yos, I somehow like the feel of an all-Celcon yo-yo.

Latest arrival is a prototype YoYoJam Synergy. Waiting for my ILOVEYOYO Wasabi to arrive.

Ball bearing:

  • YoYoJam Speed Maker - Just a cheap plastic thingie, but I can't out it down. With a fat lip mercury bearing, a shaved silicone ring, and a slightly sanded down starburst it really plays great. Could have a bit more rim weight though.
  • YoYoFactory eight8eight - this is definitely the kind of aluminum yo-yo I always wanted. Excellent.

Fixed axle:

  • Spintastics Technic - Dale Oliver gave me my first one, back in '97. Definitely one of the best wood axle yo-yos ever made.
  • ProYo II - Probably the second best wood axle yo-yo out there. Quite light.
  • Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 - Probably the most beautiful wood yo-yo ever made. I like it's shape, just like a small ball. :-)