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TAB once had John Higby come to his bar mitzvah. TAB likes expensive yo-yos. TAB thinks that The Ring is the best movie ever made so he combined The Ring and yo-yoing for some sort of horrible super video project. The real name of TAB is Ben Gates and his IP is [CENSORED]. TAB also had a record for worst x-division freestyle ever performed, scoring 9th place in the x-division at MA states '05, although he believes his record was recently broken by Brandon Show in his 1a and x- division freestyles at the maryland state yo-yo contest. He is also currently the member of theExtremespin Forumwith a record low number of reputation points, currently weighing in at -12. He lives in the only state with no other yo-yoers. TAB feels restricted by his dial-up internet and wants DSL badly. To help convince TAB's dad to get DSL send him a message at www.setag@earthlink.net.

A lot of the above information is not accurate, as Schalicto wrote most of it, and TAB is too lazy to update it. Maybe it will be corrected at some point in the future.

For a more accurate account of the life and times of TAB, check out this page.

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TAB's super awesome horrible video event extravaganza featuring yo-yoing and Samara from The Ring