Jon Skinner
Not quite me
Alias Yo_shi
Resides Mass
Affiliation Team FlamingYo!
YoYoStyle 1A, 4a, and 5A
Playing Since (please complete)
Known for WaspNest CWs

Yo_shi started yoyoing May '07.


I've yo-yoed for nearly a year now. I have entered the US Massachusetts State Contest of 2008 and I entered the Trick Ladder in my age division (11-15) and I won 4th place out of 4 people. I recently competed at the 2008 Z-Games/Northeast Regionals. Again I competed in the Trick Ladder/Pick-Your-Trick. This time I won first place in my age division (16-29)! I'm pushing myself to get ready a 1A, 4A, and possibly a 5A freestyle for MAStates 2009. I going to do the best I can.

I've started a Yo-Yo School/Club at my local library. The library's has purchased ProJams, and we're having a blast! We're meeting every Tuesday and I'm teaching tricks. I'm running it similar to the A2Z Science and Learning Store in Northampton, MA.

I may also be known about these. WaspNest Counterweights I enjoyed making them and handing them out at NER 2008.

What do I do at the YoYoWiki?

  • Fix Typos
  • Upload Pictures of Yo-Yos and tricks
  • Add tricks to the Trick section
  • Made a template, Template:Infobox Tricks, thanks to the help of Madyoer. This should be handy for posting a picture of a trick and the info about it in a sidebox.

Helpful Pages

Current Favorite Yo-Yos

My first metal is a YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 401SD. I won it at US Northeast Regional Contest in a raffle. I still amazed by it.

My favorite yo-yos include a YoYoJam K-OS, a YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 401SD, and a hubstacked Duncan Freehand Zero.

For 5A or Freehand I prefer a siliconed recessed Duncan Freehand Zero with a "fng" finish.

Then for 2A or two-handed yo-yoing, I use two YoYoJam Sunset Trajectory NXGs (2 yo-yos, one half blue, one half green each)

For 4A or Offstring I like to use a YoYoJam Big Yo2.

Yo-Yos I Currently Own


Duncan Freehand Zero (Blue/green caps; modded, with hubstack kit)

Duncan Mosquito (silicone-recessed and weighted)

Duncan Butterfly (added weight rings, and a wooden axle)

Duncan Ballistic (rusty bearing)

Duncan ProFire (replaced cork pads with silicone)

Duncan ProYo (Higby YoYoShow)

Duncan ProFly (One bearingized, and one broken)

Duncan Bumblebee


HSpin Envy (Envy64 "with flaw to love")


YoYoJam K-OS (black/red)

YoYoJam K-OS Extreme (blue/brown)

YoYoJam Big Yo (green glow)

YoYoJam ProJam (3x Two yellow w/one dyed (in process of being modded) and one green)

YoYoJam X-Con (black)

YoYoJam Sunset Trajectory NXG (2x, 2 colors mixed to make Bape NXGs!)


YoYoFactory 888 (Worlds 08 B-grade Aqua 07 vers.)

YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 401SD (Aqua Blue...=])

YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. Velocity (Premium version)



Yo-Yos I Really Want To Pick Up

Born Crucial Milk

Born Crucial Milk 2%

YoYoJam Meteor

YoYoJam Axiom

Duncan Freehand Zero (a John Higby painted Space theme!)

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