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Hi everyone, my name is Colin and I am a yo-yo fan and collector in California. I got started with the wiki in January, and have found editing and writing articles addictive! I have been concentrating on contributing to the Tom Kuhn and YoYoFactory areas among others, providing photos of some of my own yo-yos, and fixing errors when I see them.

My own yo-yo skills should be called "amateur" for now, but always improving. Current favorite throws are the YoYoJam SpinFaktor HG, YoYoFactory G5, and Shinwoo Zan Navi for trying to learn 5A.

Glad to collaborate with you all here, my email is here for chatting (or if anyone wants to sell me their old Tom Kuhns or a Grind Mutant...) --YuncanDodo 00:45, 23 February 2007 (CST)

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