The V5 Catch Zone is a structure that separates the yo-yo into isolated parts, so that the inner hubs can spin freely, thanks to an innovative triple bearing set-up. It also widens the yo-yo's profile.

Yo-yos with V5 Catch Zone

  • Yoyo Miracle Kuyostar
  • Yoyo Miracle Kuyos God
  • Team Pre King Soul Caliburn
  • Team Pre King Tang Sword
  • Team Pre King Extreme
  • Ace Yo Kuyostar
  • YOYO.Y Ghost Orbit
  • YOYO.Y Phantom Trace
  • YOYO.Y Jet Fire
  • Yongjun Ground Fire
  • YoYoFactory Nine Dragons

All the yo-yos listed above are licensed by the inventor and patent owner, Chen Jia Lin, to have this feature.




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