Velvet Rolls is the trick that marked the beginning of modern 3A yo-yo play.

Created by Mark McBride in 1998, Velvet Rolls involves front-mounting two yo-yos, performing reverse somersaults with each, and then dismounting and catching both yo-yos. While this trick is moderately simple by today's standards, its release was met with incredulity by established players, and sparked the beginning of modern 3A yo-yo play.

McBride actually created the trick as part of a yearly bet with Steve Brown. Each year since 1998, McBride and Brown fabricate some form of bet at the beginning of the year, with the payoff most often being a steak dinner. The bet in question was to see who would be the first person to come up with a string trick involved two spinning yo-yos. Brown promptly forgot about the bet, while McBride tacked the problem in earnest. The result was Velvet Rolls, which he debuted to a handful of people at the 1998 U.S. Nationals in Chico, California.

The yo-yos that McBride used to create and develop the Velvet Rolls were un-modded Yomega Wing Force yo-yos.

The trick first appeared on film in the video Looking Back To 1998, filmed by Greg Cohen, the owner of Infinite Illusions.

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