Vulto is a yo-yo manufacturer from Brazil, founded in 1998-1999. Known for a variety of products including Brazillian (100% polyester) yo-yo strings, yo-yo DVDs and yo-yos designed by Mario Troise, the company promotes the Brazilian yo-yo community worldwide.

In addition to manufacturing, Vulto also runs a yo-yo store carrying products from a number of manufacturers, including Duncan and YoYoJam.

Vulto was founded with the purpose of providing Brazilian yo-yo players with a low-cost, easily accesible ball bearing yo-yo for competition, learning new tricks, and modding. Due to the large costs on imported goods in Brazil (60% of total value), most yo-yos are outside of the price range of many Brazilian yo-yo players. Vulto was formed with the intention of easing the financial burden placed upon Brazilian players by their country's high duty structure.

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