What's Next Mfg. Inc. is the manufacturer for the full line of BC (Brad Countryman) yo-yos. After founding Hummingbird Toy Co., LTD. in the 1980s, Brad Countryman's wooden yo-yos became an international best-seller. Brad sold 70% of the company in 1991, while remaining as Creative and Marketing director. When in 1995 the company finally closed its doors but, due to popular demand, Brad returned to manufacturing yo-yos with the formation of What's Next.

Leading on his previous experiences, Countryman developed a full line of BC yo-yos in 1995. Shortly after the formation of the new company, BC joined forces with Tom Kuhn, a world renowned inventor of modern and high-tech yo-yos. What's Next was well known for their wooden yo-yos and it was a natural fit for them to take on the production of Tom Kuhn's wooden line. They had also branched into aluminum yo-yos by taking on the production of the Tom Kuhn SB-1 and SB-2 (Silver Bullet) models as well as the Pocket Rocket and Tom Cat.

In the late 1990's, at a time when the yo-yo boom driven by modern models hit worldwide, the company's traditional yo-yos sold very well, helping in the resurgence of the toy. At this point, the company expanded the BC line to include other high quality skill toys inclusive of spin tops and paddleballs reminiscent of those made in the 1950's and 1960's. BC had also introduced a professional quality line of juggling balls, and the Ken-Dama, a traditional Japanese skill toy.

The company eventually folded somewhere in the 2000s.

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