Wolf Yoyo Works

Wolf Yoyo Works (often abbreviated to WYW) is a boutique British yoyo brand founded in 2017, with their first yoyo, Amarok, releasing in mid-2019. Wolf Yoyo Works state that one of their core missions is to inject new ideas into the sport in order to push the boundaries of what is possible, and to represent the yoyo scene both domestically and internationally.

Their debut yoyo was the first ever to feature PTFE (Teflon) fingerspin cups, which were secured to an aluminium body to combine the smoothness of a metal yoyo with the super low friction properties of Teflon. Wolf Yoyo Works is also notable for creating the world’s first yoyo bearing made from real rubies, though the bearing was never made available to purchase.

Released Yoyos:

Wolf Yoyo Works has confirmed that at least two more designs are currently being developed, though no details about either of them have currently been published.

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