World Team Proyo, founded in 1997, was the company yo-yo team for Playmaxx/ProYo Corporation. World Team Proyo consisted of five members Hans Van Dan Elzen, John Higby, Ben McPhee, Julius and Kate Miller. The team was also featured on the ProYo Vid-e-Yo Series of yo-yos, that had a different trick represented by each team member. Each yo-yo had one of the team members doing a yo-yo trick that would move depending on how you looked at the pog (picture). World Team Proyo was disbanded when Duncan bought Playmaxx's assets.

Many of the team members World Team Proyo have remained very active in the yo-yo community. Hans Van Dan Elzen AKA "Yo-Hans", and Ben McPhee joined forces to start up YoYoFactory, one of the most popular and growing companies in the yo-yo scene. Julius has continued performing, doing school promotions and different events with Allyoyo, a yo-yo performance company he started out of Phoenix, AZ. Lastly, John Higby has continued with his yo-yo artwork as well as performing with his wife Rebecca Higby for the company they founded Yo-Yo People.

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