Wyvern Strings

Wyvern Strings was established in June 2014 by Adam Hamzah from Malaysia. Wyvern Strings produces 100% polyester strings and each string are purely hand turned. 

The main specification of Wyvern Strings is as below :

  • Long lasting strings that does not create too much excess string fibres that affects the yo-yo's spin time.
  • Slick feel which minimises the amount of friction with the yo-yo player's hand.
  • Minimization of sweat absorption from the yo-yo player's palm.
  • The right amount of weight for the ease of slacks and suicide tricks.
  • Vibrant colours that makes it easier to spot the string during play.

The main goal for Adam is to make Wyvern Strings known worldwide and is used globally by yo-yo players without compromising on the quality of the strings.

The brand is still relatively new in the market, but the feedback from yo-yo players currently is positive.

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