Ghost Orbit
Manufacturer YOYO.Y
Release date 2015
Shape H-Shape
Color Black
Weight 101.4 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 76.32mm
Width: 86.51mm
Material Celcon
Bearing size Size C Concave
Response system YOYO.Y pads (Large Slim)
The Ghost Orbit by YOYO.Y is a yo-yo released in 2015.


The Ghost Orbit is an offstring yo-yo, but unlike most other offstring models at the time of its release, it features the V5 Catch Zone, which was invented by Chen Lia Jin. This allows the response area to spin freely from the rest of the body, almost completely eliminating sleep loss when the string touches the body, and opening the door to tricks where the yo-yo can be held in the user's hands while it is spinning, as well as horizontal play. The significantly lessened sleep loss also allowed for longer trick combos.

Being an offstring yo-yo, the Ghost Orbit is wide, so the V5 catch parts are widened, as well, making it all the more easier to catch on the string. The yo-yo also comes included with a large drawstring bag for storage.


  • By far, the Ghost Orbit is the widest offstring yo-yo released on the market, wider than even the B.W.W. Bulk.


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