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Yo-Yo Ninja Boy was an online animated cartoon about a young boy training to become a yo-yo master. He trained at his grandfathers dojo, his grandfather was a yo-yo master. There were 6 (?) episodes of yo-yo ninja boy where he eventually wins the world yo-yo contest.

The cartoon was conceived by Alex Ross and an associate of the company and then produced L Fenton and Alex Ross by of Spot Box, Inc., a small start-up company in Santa Clara, California, that specialized in web technologies for on-line entertainment. The company left the yo-yoing community, but, it didn't take us long to find them, and for them to find us. Soon they were putting profiles of professional yo-yoers, like Steve Brown and Doctor Popular, on their website. Duncan released a limited edition "Yo-Yo Ninja Boy Freehand" at nationals, which is considered by many to be the rarest Freehand 1 special edition. Although a following for Yo-Yo Ninja Boy was starting to build, Spot Box, Inc., was unable to obtain funding for future episodes of "Yo-Yo Ninja Boy," and the cartoon was cancelled after a few episodes. An animated 3d version was also in consideration.

Artists: Lead Animator - Scott Lewis, Animator and Flash conversion and clean-up - Nutzy Lewis, Animator - Michelle Tapia

Sound Editing: Fred Torres, Richard Fenton, Wernher Goff

Flash programming, and keyframing: Dave Mickelson, Fred Torres, Richard Fenton

Voice-Over Talent: Yo-Yo Ninja Boy - Wernher Goff, Grandfather - Scott Lewis, and Fred Torres, Evil Guy - Fred Torres, Wendy - Jasmine Torres, Genius Kid: Scott Lewis

In 1999, Spot Box, Inc., was also responsible for the demo reel for Duncan Toys.

Less Than Jake

Through their friendship with Steve Brown, Less Than Jake recorded a song called "Yo-Yo Ninja Boy", the lyrics can be found here.