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Yo-yo Modifications, or Mods, are changes made to a stock yo-yo by Modders, aiming to make them function better or be more aesthetically pleasing. Often these mods find their way into newer stock yo-yos. (eg. many manufacturers these days recess the response systems on their yo-yos).


The following is a list of commonly made modifications.


People who invent or modify Yo-yos, commonly known as Modders. In the yo-yo community modders are often called upon to take a yo-yo to the next level of playability. Many of the now common advancements in yo-yo technology were first attempted and developed by modders.


Video: Yo-yo-How to Recess
URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS4rFE8LvRQ
Comment Nice video by David Poyzer demonstrating how to recess a yo-yo using a lathe.

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