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Die Nasty
Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date N/A
Shape Butterfly
Color Red
Weight 65 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55.78mm
Width: 41.76mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size C Center Trac
Response system CBC Large Broad Pads

The Die-Nasty by YoYoFactory was made as the signature series model of and commemorating Steve Brown for being the inventor of the 5A (Freehand) playing style, and him changing his sponsorship from Duncan to YoYoFactory. It is also a yo-yo in the "Death to Metal" series, much like the Protostar.

It also uses imagery connected to Steve Brown and the 5A style, depicting casino dice on the side caps. The Die-Nasty is based on the Plastic Grind Machine, but with side caps similar to those on the Duncan FHZ, instead of the hubstacks or inner weight rings. It also features the usual Center Trac C-bearing.


  • The Die-Nasty's name is a pun on "die" (as in dice, like those used as counterweights in 5A play) and "dynasty".