The Loop 900 by YoYoFactory was the signature series yo-yo of thirteen-time concurrent World 2A Champion Shinji Saito. It was developed after the discontinuation of the earlier Loop 720.


The Loop 900 was made for 2A players who wanted an entirely new kind of looping experience. YoYoFactory contacted 2A players worldwide to find out what makes the perfect looping yo-yo and released the end result in June 2010.

The key feature to the yo-yo is its gap adjustment keyhole system, which is controlled by a key tool to precisely adjust the gap setting. This technology allows the user to control the responsiveness of the Loop 900 without having to unscrew it or undergo any tedious modification (which, since the 1990's, was expected for competitive 2A with the Yomega Raider).

The Loop 900 also uses a nylon spacer system, in addition to the same tiny 4x8x3mm miniature bearing as used in the extremely undersized Mighty Flea.

Patrick Mitchell placed 1st in the 2A Division at the Bay Area Classic competition and the Southwest Regionals using the Loop 900. It had also helped Mitchell to win 5th Place at the World Yo-Yo Contest in the 2A Division, as well as having been a favorite throw of Shu Takada.

The design of the Loop 900 was such that the gap adjustment mechanism was not centered directly on the yo-yo half, this which contributed to stability and durability issues. That design flaw has since been remedied, as the Loop 900 was redesigned by YoYoFactory in collaboration with Shu Takada in the form of the Loop 1080.


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