Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date 2011
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight v1: 55.6 grams
v2: 57.6 grams
Dimensions v1: Diameter: 53.49mm/Width: 37.86mm
v2: Diameter: 57.60mm/Width: 37.40mm
Material Plastic (Celcon)
Bearing size Size C- Half SPEC
Size C Center Trac (Icon Collection and GACEK Champions Collection models)
Response system CBC Large Slim Pads

The One (stylized as ONE) by YoYoFactory is a plastic yo-yo designed for beginners with the possibility to upgrade from a narrow bearing to a wide bearing. It is available at least three arrangements for the same price. One with an extra SPEC (large) bearing, another with an instructiona; DVD, and yet another with an extra string. v2 has slight body changes and new colors: a lighter Blue (to replace the darker blue from v1) and White.

There have been a variety of special editions released for the yo-yo, especially one in 2013 sold at Rewind depicting Iiwakun, the cartoon character representing Iwakura City in Japan. On May 5th, 2014, YoYoFactory released an Icon Collection version of this yo-yo that comes with a Center Trac ball bearing. The GACEK Champions Collection model, which was produced in honor of five-time Polish national champion Mateusz Ganc, also comes with a Center Trac bearing.


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