Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date 2009
Shape Low-edged Step-Straight
Color Various
Weight 66.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56mm
Width: 43mm
Material Plastic with anodized aluminum weight rings
Bearing size Size C Center Trac
Response system CBC Large Slim Pads

The Protostar by YoYoFactory is a yo-yo first released in 2009. It is the signature series model of John Ando.


To challenge the common belief that metal yo-yos are superior in a competitive setting, YoYoFactory started the "Death to Metal" series, a line of high-performance plastic yo-yos that could match or even surpass metal yo-yos in competitions, as well as costing less. The Protostar, the first of these plastic yo-yos, was developed by YoYoFactory in collaboration with 2008 World 1A Yo-Yo Champion John Ando.

The Protostar made its debut at midnight in the 2009 World Yo-Yo Contest, where the first prototypes of the yo-yo were showcased and sold. Its low-edged Step Straight design reduced sleep loss to a minimum, and its inset aluminum weight rings along with a Center Trac bearing made it very stable, more-so than even its full-metal competitors at the time of its release. That night at Worlds, the Protostar made an impact in the yo-yo community, and it has been released in many colorways since then. The Japan Collection version of the Protostar, released in March 2015, featured a rounded side on its weight rings.

The yo-yo had also become the basis for certain other yo-yos listed below:

  • Northstar - Heavier version of the Protostar based on Jensen Kimmitt's personal specifications.
  • Starlite - All-plastic glow-in-the-dark model.
  • StarBrite - All-plastic version of the Protostar with side caps instead of weight rings, released in 2011 as part of the Neon Collection.
  • Divault - Hyper Yo-Yo-exclusive model based mostly on the Northstar, but with the Protostar's rounded side hubs.
  • POPstar - Undersized aluminum yo-yo based on the Protostar's shape. Features a standard SPEC bearing.
  • ONEstar - Cost-performance model based on the Protostar's shape and the One's celcon body. Features a standard SPEC bearing.


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