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The Axiom is one of the first two full-metal aluminum yo-yos produced by YoYoJam (the other being the Meteor). Despite the minor controversy this caused on its introduction (as some in the community saw it as a rip-off of YoYoFactory's 888 series), it has held its own as a relatively affordable metal yo-yo.

Along with its release, YoYoJam had also introduced a new silicone O-ring response system to go with it, developed for unresponsive play. It featured a wide string gap at almost 41mm, making it easy to land on the string. At 50.55mm in diameter, the Axiom is undersized but possesses a long and stable spin thanks to its C-sized Speed Bearing. Its light weight at around 64 grams allowed for a floaty feeling of play, as well.


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