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Big Ben
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2000s
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 68 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 64mm
Width: 43mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system YoYoJam O-rings

The Big Ben, released as a signature series model of Ben Conde, was one of YoYoJam's first 4A yo-yos. It was popular with many 4A players due to its oversized body, which made it very easy to land tricks. Soon after its release, YoYoJam created its successor model, the Bigger Ben. Surprisingly (and ironically), the Big Ben is actually larger in size than the Bigger Ben.

Many professional-level players, such as John Narum, Jeff Coons, and Tsubasa Onishi, had used this yo-yo to win at the competitions. There were also several examples of the Big Ben that were hand-painted by John Higby, as well.




Offstring Tricks

Here, talented Jake Bullock of Team Anti-Yo showcases some 4A tricks with a YoYoJam Big Ben.

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