Not to be confused for the Tom Kuhn Big Yo

Big Yo
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date Original: 2002
Big Yo 2: December 2003
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight Original: 100.7 grams
Big Yo 2: 75 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 96mm
Width: 67mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Original: Size C YYJ Large
Big Yo 2: Size M YYJ Extra Large (X-Large)
Response system YoYoJam O-rings

The Big Yo is a large-sized yo-yo produced by YoYoJam, first released in 2002. 


The Big Yo is a BIG yo-yo, true to its name, being a whopping 3.80 inches (or 96mm) in diameter, making it one of the largest playable production yo-yos on the market, along with the likes of the Henrys Viper Neo XL and others in its size range, even from the same company. You could barely hold it in your hand, yet it plays like the best. The yo-yo, while designed for fun and string play, proved very popular with the world's top-ranking offstring yo-yo players. It is great for demonstrations, grabbing attention with its large size, which also makes it more visible and easier to catch when offstring tricks are performed with it.

Big Yo (original)

The original Big Yo came out in 2002, with a limited run of 100 units. It features O-ring response, as well as a C-sized bearing. It was also one of the heaviest yo-yos of its time at 100.7 grams in weight. It is distinguished by its rims, which are thicker than on the later Big Yo 2, along with its smaller-diameter axle hubs.

Big Yo 2

In December 2003, YoYoJam released a second version of the Big Yo, this time with a much lighter weight, but it is as large as ever. Like the original, it features O-ring response, but this time, it has a new extra-large bearing measuring 9x17x5mm, much larger than even a C-bearing as used in yo-yos such as the Patriot and Night Moves!

Up until 2011, it was the go-to yo-yo for then-team member Rei Iwakura, who used his skills in 4A to compensate for the Big Yo 2's weaknesses.

Taiki Nishimura had also used a Big Yo to win the World 4A Championship title in 2006.


  • Even though the Duncan Award Oversize is larger in diameter than the Big Yo at 5.25", those yo-yos were only given out as contest prizes. Even larger is the Norstar Toys Giant YoYo, which measures a whopping 146mm (or 5.74803") in diameter.


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