Fiesta TRES
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2015
Shape Step Round
Color White
Weight 77 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 80.66mm
Width: 57.18mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system YYJ Silicone O-rings
The Fiesta TRES is an offstring yo-yo released by YoYoJam in 2015 as Bryan Figueroa's third signature yo-yo.


The Fiesta TRES features the same shape as its predecessor, but a bit larger in size. It is also lighter in weight, allowing for faster play. It also features a new internal system, Lock & Bolt, where the bearing lock, response pads, and spacers are consolidated into a durable, singular unit. It also uses YoYoJam's silicone O-rings and the usual C-bearing.

Though it plays faster than the older Fiesta XX, the Fiesta TRES had also inherited the XX's incredible stability during mounts and orbits.


  • It was Bryan Figueroa's very last YYJ signature model before he left Team YoYoJam to join Japan Technology's player team.
  • The "TRES" in the yo-yo's name is the Spanish word for the number three, also a reference to being the third yo-yo to carry the Fiesta name.
  • As of December 17th, 2015, with the announcement of YoYoJam closing its doors, the Fiesta TRES is their last-ever offstring yo-yo and one of their very last yo-yos overall.
    • That being said, it should be noted that on the other hand, the OS1 of 2001 was their first, sometime before the once-popular Aquarius.
  • It is the only YoYoJam yo-yo to ever feature the Lock & Bolt system.