Not to be confused for the original Firestorm yo-yo.

Manufacturer YoYoJam/Yomega
Release date 2014
Shape H-Profile
Color Red/Black
Weight 65.4 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57.52mm
Width: 42.02mm
Material Plastic (POM)
Bearing size Size C- YYJ Large Narrow
Response system YoYoJam O-rings

The Firestorm by YoYoJam is a yo-yo made in collaboration with Yomega, released in 2014.


Unlike the original Firestorm model from the late 1990s, this one is a more modern yo-yo. It features a rubber o-ring response system, a POM (polyoxymethylene) H-shaped profile for comfortable holding and light weight, and a narrow C-bearing for long spin times and smooth responsiveness. The Firestorm also featured the Solid Spin Axle system for strength and durability, also allowing the user to upgrade to a wider C-bearing for advanced play.

As with the re-released version of the Journey and the Odyssey, the Firestorm is a collaborative model by YoYoJam and Yomega, also featuring a swirling, fire-inspired design on the sides, which makes it look good for collection purposes, as well.