YoYoJam Hurricane Kamaitachi


The Hurricane Kamaitachi, a variant of the original Hurricane, was designed to be YoYoJam's high-end looping yo-yo. It features metal weight rings and domed caps, along with an adjustable string gap width, a take-apart design, and O-ring response.

Initial versions featured the logo imprinted on a plastic card on the inside, however this made an irritating rattling noise during play. This noisy design flaw was fixed in the later versions, by imprinting the logo on the clear caps.


  • The Relic is also a looping yo-yo with weight rings that are denser than the main plastic body. In the case of the Relic, it uses the Heavy Gravity material first introduced with the SpinFaktor HG.
  • The Hurricane Kamaitachi features a similar shape to the Sunset Trajectory series.
  • The Duncan Hornet can become a hybrid plastic/metal looping yo-yo when the user equips aluminum Performance Rings to it.
  • It is the only other looping yo-yo by YoYoJam to carry the Hurricane name.
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