YYJ Inspire green1
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2012
Shape Inverse Round
Color Black
Weight 66.8 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.3mm
Width: 39mm
String Gap Width: 5mm
Material Plastic with aluminum rims
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large Speed
Response system YYJ Silicone O-rings
The Inspire is a yo-yo released by YoYoJam in 2012 as a signature series yo-yo of John Narum.


The Inspire is a composite-material yo-yo with an Inverse Round shape and aluminum rims. Aluminum is a rarely used metal for YoYoJam's rim weights, usually favoring heavier metals such as brass, as aluminum is a lighter material. The aluminum rims on the Inspire are thick enough to provide the weight needed, but also provide a light feeling of play.

The yo-yo's shape is designed to limit the string's contact with the body to a single point, thus minimizing sleep loss and increasing spin times for extended trick combos. The plastic body sports the same diamond pattern as the Next Level and DiamondBack yo-yos, but with the profile and design points making for a completely new playing experience. It also features silicone O-ring response and a Speed Bearing for unresponsive play. The Solid Spin Axle also allows the user to adjust the string gap by swapping in a narrower or wider C-bearing.