K-OS Extreme
K-OS Extreme2.JPG
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2008
Shape Butterfly
Color Brown Rims/Blue Body
Weight 68.50 grams
Dimensions Width: 36.75mm
Diameter: 52.82mm
Material Plastic with Heavy Gravity Rims
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system Hybrid starburst/O-ring

The K-OS Extreme is YoYoJam's second signature yo-yo for Eric Koloski. Compared to the original, it is 3.5 grams heavier. The K-OS Extreme uses the copper Heavy Gravity material for rim weighting, thus giving them a brown color. Ultimately, it was the final YoYoJam yo-yo to use the Heavy Gravity material.

Due to the higher costs of obtaining it, YoYoJam discontinued the HG line, including the SpinFaktor HG, the Copperhead series and the original K-OS. The K-OS Extreme uses the usual hybrid response system, which combines an o-ring and starburst for a unique response, and a large C-bearing.


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