The Mega SpinFaktor by YoYoJam is a variant of the original SpinFaktor, released as the first signature series yo-yo of Rick Wyatt in 2000.


The Mega SpinFaktor has nickel/-plated bronze weight rings to ensure that most of the weight is concentrated at the edges, in addition to a ceramic ball bearing, allowing for longer sleep times. It is also one of the narrower yo-yos produced by YoYoJam at the time. It was designed specifically for setting long sleeper records, but is also usable for string tricks, too. It was produced in different colors, in limited batches of 100 yo-yos each.

Mega SpinFaktor II/2.2

Also produced in 2003 was the Mega SpinFaktor II, also released as a signature yo-yo for Rick Wyatt. As with the original, it was made specifically to break long sleeper records. It has heavier weight rings, too, making for even longer sleep times. In addition, it also features a single O-ring on one half for a response system. Also released was a special edition of the yo-yo, the Mega SpinFaktor 2.2, of which only 100 were ever produced. Each one was made in a different marbled color scheme, so that no two yo-yos were alike. Unlike the MSF II, the 2.2 had no response system, relying only on the molding dimples. Wyatt had managed to scrounge up a 14 minutes 3 seconds sleeper record using the 2.2 at the 2003 Worlds.

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