Night Moves
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2002
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 66 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56mm
Width: 35mm to 40mm
String Gap Width: Adjustable
Material Plastic with stainless steel weight rings
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system Starburst

The Night Moves, released in 2002, was the first signature yo-yo of YoYoJam's founder and owner, Dale Bell. The yo-yo is commonly identified by the hot rod side caps. It is a composite-material yo-yo developed for serious string play, featuring a pair of stainless steel weight rings.

The Night Moves also featured a C-bearing and starburst response. There were limited production runs of this yo-yo, each coming in different colors. Some Night Moves yo-yos were made with enyo plastic.

At one point in 2004, it was given a re-release as the Night Moves One, and was limited to only 100 units. 


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