Night Moves 5
Night Moves 5
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2009
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 67 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53mm
Width: 40mm
String Gap Width: 4.7mm
Material Aluminum with nickel-bronze rims
Bearing size Production Model: Size C KonKave
Response system YoYoJam Silicone O-rings

The Night Moves 5 by YoYoJam is the fifth yo-yo in Dale Bell's signature Night Moves series, released in 2009. It features a stepped gap and 24 karat gold-plated rims. Unlike the previous Night Moves yo-yos before it, it has a bi-metallic composition.

The pre-production version had a nickel-plated finish while the production run was anodized. The production model of the Night Moves 5 also featured an officially-licensed KonKave bearing from Dif-e-Yo.