The Night Moves 8 is yo-yo that was the final project of YoYoJam founder and owner, Dale Bell, before he had closed up shop. Each entry in the Night Moves series had been as unique as the other, but the Night Moves 8, of which only a single prototype run of ten units were ever made, is perhaps the most unique.

Following in a new direction for this yo-yo, Bell wanted to make something that could be easily customized and offer up an entirely new spin on yo-yos as art. Thus, he puts a clear plastic body shell over a solid aluminum yo-yo. The design options would have been endless with no risk of scratching or denting an expensive anodized finish.

True to its predecessors, the Night Moves 8 plays very well with a long and stable spin and a smooth feeling.

Because the yo-yo had never made it to production due to YoYoJam closing down, each of the ten Night Moves 8 prototypes are as unique as the other. They have since been sold on eBay from the personal collection of YoYoJam's former vice president.