Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2001-2002
Shape Butterfly
Color Red
And other various colors
Weight 63 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 58mm
Width: 47mm
String Gap Width: Adjustable
Material Multi-piece plastic
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system Starburst
The Patriot by YoYoJam is a yo-yo first released in 2001-2002. It was designed and developed in response to requests made by prominent American and Japanese players for a ball bearing string trick yo-yo with a starburst response and an economic price tag. The yo-yo was most commonly molded in red, white, and blue in honor of the United States of America, which YoYoJam is based in, hence the name.

The Patriot was also the very first yo-yo to feature a "C"-sized ball bearing, which measures 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.7498mm, making it larger than anything else at the time of the yo-yo's release. This bearing size would come to be one of the most commonly seen in yo-yos for years to come. It has since been replaced by an improved model named the Journey.


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