Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2005
Shape Butterfly
Color Silver
Weight 67.10 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55.96mm
Material Plastic hubs with aluminum wings
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system YoYoJam O-rings

The Sirius is the signature series yo-yo of Nathan Crissey. It was produced by YoYoJam in response to the requests of players that prefer the playability of full-metal yo-yos, so as a result, the Sirius continued more metal than other composite-material yo-yos before it. This would make it easy for the uninformed to mistake the Sirius for a full-metal yo-yo. Of course, it has O-ring response and a large C-bearing.

This style of body would eventually be resurrected in the form of the SR-71.


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