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Sunset Trajectory
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2003
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Various
Weight 51 grams
Dimensions Width: 35.64mm
Diameter: 57.97mm
String Gap Width: Adjustable
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size B YYJ Small
Response system YoYoJam O-rings (small bearing)

The Sunset Trajectory is a dual signature series yo-yo from YoYoJam, jointly designed by Dave Geigle and Bill de Boisblanc. It features O-ring response, a ball bearing axle and an adjustable string gap. It has the same shape as the Hurricane Kamaitachi. It was used many yo-yo players such as Yoshi Mikamoto and Joseph Harris.

The yo-yos came in a variety of colors, mainly red and yellow. It had since been replaced by the newer Sunset Trajectory NXG.



  • It is the second YoYoJam looper to carry the Trajectory name, the first being the B de B Trajectory.

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