Titan Gold
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2004 (limited release)
Shape Butterfly
Color Raw Silver with gold hubs and engraved text (hub jewels vary by yo-yo)
Weight 69 grams average
Dimensions Diameter: 2.25"
String Gap Width: Adjustable
Material Titanium with 22 karat gold weight rings
Bearing size Size C YYJ Large
Response system YoYoJam O-rings
The Titan Gold by YoYoJam was a bi-metal yo-yo made as an extremely limited release in 2004. Several prototypes, along with ten production units were made, and each of them are numbered.

The Titan Gold is machined from titanium with 22 karat gold weight rings around the rims and a set of jeweled hubs on the sides. It features a large C-bearing, rubber O-ring response and an adjustable string gap that the user can widen or narrow by simply twisting the body halves.

Each production model Titan Gold is specific to the buyer with a different set of jeweled hubs on each one, so that no two yo-yos are exactly alike. 

Known Owners

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  • The earlier Night Moves 3 was the first yo-yo by YoYoJam to feature titanium in its construction, as well as the first yo-yo to feature titanium.
  • The Titan Gold was also one of YoYoJam's first full-metal yo-yos, alongside the later Axiom and Meteor.
  • The Titan Gold was the very first yo-yo to feature a titanium body, as well as YoYoJam's first bi-metal model. 

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