The Transcend is a yo-yo produced by YoYoJam that was released in 2015. It is the first signature yo-yo of 2014 World Women's Division Yo-Yo Champion Tessa Piccillo.


The Transcend is an aluminum yo-yo featuring a simple rounded Step Round profile with grooves on the inner sides. It has the same diametric measurement as the YoYoJam DiamondBack II, which Piccillo was a big fan of, except that it is slightly wider at 44.21mm and is lighter at 66.5 grams. It was seemingly designed to emphasize the smoothness and softness of a rounded yo-yo.

As with all of YoYoJam's high-end models, the Transcend is kitted out with a YoYoJam Speed Bearing and silicone O-ring response, along with a #5 axle.



  • The Transcend was the last metal 1A yo-yo that was ever produced by YoYoJam before closing its doors.
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