The X-ConVict by YoYoJam was released several months after the release of the X-Con and is almost identical to its predecessor, except having a different pog design, a strengthened plastic hub to prevent the problems with cracking that the X-Con had, and its weight ratio has been modified providing smoother play and longer spinning. This strengthened hub made the yo-yo two grams heavier although play the feeling is identical.

One of the highlights of buying an X-ConVict is that every run (the first two black and red runs excluded) has a different pog art, though it shares the same theme. This is the only YoYoJam yo-yo (besides the X-Con) to have done so. Each pog is designed by Johnnie Delvalle himself, this being his fourth signature series yo-yo, if one considers the X-Con a separate yo-yo from the X-ConVict.


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