A complete set of EX-System parts, bearing and response pads not included.

The EX-System (Japanese: EX-システム) is a series of yo-yos by YoYoJoker introduced in 2013.


The EX-System is a line of customizable yo-yos with interchangeable components for changing the look, feel, and overall playing style of the yo-yo. Another advantage is the ability to replace damaged or worn-out components, especially in the case of the Skyscraper offstring yo-yo.


Each EX-System yo-yo consists of three main components;

  • EX Body: The yo-yo body for the EX-System, made of delrin. Consists of the halves, along with a pair of O-rings to prevent overtightening when the yo-yo is put together.
  • EX Response Unit: Two aluminum pieces determining the size of the response pads to be used on the complete yo-yo, and come in different colors. These come in either a wide, low-edged variety, or an offstring-oriented high-edged variety. The C-bearing type Response Units use 19.6mm-sized pads and the D-bearing type Units use small-size Joker Pads.
  • EX Lock Crest: This component is used to hold the yo-yo together and determines the bearing size (C or D), also having the axle. They come in many designs and colors, especially promotional logo versions, such as Yo-Yo Store Rewind, the 2014 Japan Yo-Yo Tour, the 2014 HamaCon, Spination, etc. NOTE: The EX Response Unit must match up to the bearing size required by the EX Lock Crest!

Product listings

Complete yo-yos

EX Customize Units

  • EX Body
  • EX Response Unit
  • EX Lock Crest
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