Manufacturer YoYoJoker
Release date Original: 2013
D-bearing version: 2014
Shape Inverse Round
Color Original: White with Blue or Pink EX Lock Crest
D-bearing version: Black with Pink EX Lock Crest
Weight Original: 78.2 grams
D-bearing version: 80.3
Dimensions Diameter: 75mm
Width: 54mm
Material Delrin with aluminum EX Lock Crest and EX Response Unit
Bearing size Original: Size C
2014 model: Size D
Response system Original: 19.6mm Pads
D-bearing version: Joker Pads (small)
The Skyscraper is an offstring yo-yo released by YoYoJoker in 2013 as part of the EX-System series.


The Skyscraper is the third release in the EX-System line-up, featuring a specially-sized delrin EX Body measuring 75mm x 54mm. Of course, as with any EX-System yo-yo, the user could change out the EX Lock Crest and EX Response Unit to change the bearing/response pad size for a different feel of play. The Skyscraper uses an offstring-type EX Response Unit that has a high-edged design and a narrow string gap width.

The original version of the Skyscraper used a large C-bearing and 19.6mm-sized response pads, while the second version, which was released in 2014, used a smaller, faster-spinning D-bearing and Joker Pad response.


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