Manufacturer YoYoJoker
Release date 2014
Shape Unique
Color Black with purple EX Lock Crest
Weight 54. 5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53.45mm
Width: 32.6mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system CBC Large Slim-sized pads
The Stigma is a yo-yo first released in 2014 by YoYoJoker as a part of their EX-System range.


The Stigma is a yo-yo with a angular hexagonal shape with an Imperial-like profile. Because its EX Body is molded out of delrin, and the fact that the points are rounded down to soft bevels, it plays smoothly and has a very nice feeling when returned to the user's hand. As a part of the EX-System series, the user can configure it using EX Customize Units for their own personal preferences. Another advantage is the ability to replace damaged or worn-out components. One may be surprised at how many tricks that they could pull off and land using the Stigma.


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