YoYoRecreation (formerly known as 44re:creation), is a yo-yo manufacturer based in Japan, owned by Kengo Kido, the brother of former World 1A Champion Shinya Kido. They began selling yo-yos in 2008. The company specializes in high-end, competition-level metal yo-yos, often designed by team members' specifications. They have also produced injection molded plastics such as the Diffusion and the Gargantua, as well as a composite plastic/metal yo-yo, the Triad.

Rebellion by YoYoRecreation

In 2015, YoYoRecreation launched a new sub-brand, "Rebellion", which aimed to bring high-level performance at a lower price point, by outsourcing production to China.

Rebellion launched three models during the 2015 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest; the Golyat, the Acro, and the Butcher. All models debuted with modest price tags of under 6,500 JPY each. During the 2015 Worlds, Rebellion launched four additional models; the Lilliputian, Qilin, Dread, and Dread G. In February 2016, a new bi-metal yo-yo, the Start the Riot, was released as part of the Rebellion line. Later that year, their second bi-metal, the Invaders Must Die, was also released.

YoYoRecreation AE

In June 2017, YoYoRecreation started their second sub-brand, "YoYoRecreation AE", based on models that are not only reasonably priced and of a cutting-edge design, but can also compete at the highest level.

Yo-Yos Produced



YoYoRecreation AE


  • Kengo Kido (1A) (Japan)
  • Hiro Irifune (1A)
  • Tatsuya Fujisaka (1A) (Japan)
  • Takahiro Iizuka (1A)
  • Shinichiro Ohnishi (1A)
  • Ryota Ogi (1A) (Japan)
  • Kensuke Goto (1A)
  • Kentaro Mannen (1A)
  • Ryosuke Iwasawa (1A)
  • Akitoshi Tokubuchi (1A)
  • Shinya Azuma (1A)
  • Yusuke Otsuka (1A) (Japan)
  • Izuru Hasumi (1A)
  • Iori Yamaki (1A) (Japan)
  • Hiroki Miyamoto (3A)
  • Minato Furuta (3A) (Japan)
  • Yasuki Tachibana (3A) (Japan)
  • Naoto Okada (4A) (Japan)
  • Hiroyasu Ishihara (5A)
  • Sojun Miyamura (5A)
  • Rodrigo Pires (1A) (Brazil)
  • Benson Fok (1A) (Hong Kong)
  • Samm Scott (5A) (USA)
  • Ahmad Kharisma (1A) (Indonesia)
  • Tasya Ganihina (1A) (Russia)
  • Jakub Dekan (1A) (Czech Republic)
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