Manufacturer YoYoRecreation
Release date 2013
Shape Inverse Round
Color Semi-clear red
Semi-clear blue
Semi-clear yellow
Semi-clear green
Semi-clear black
Opaque white
Semi-clear orange
Semi-clear pink
Semi-clear purple
Weight 77 grams
Dimensions Width: 58.75mm
Diameter: 79.64mm
String Gap: 3mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system YYR 19.6mm Pads

The Aeronaut is YoYoRecreation's second offstring yo-yo after the earlier Maestro. It was released in 2013.


The Aeronaut is an offstring yo-yo with an ideally-oversized body with a flared Inverse Round shape made of Delrin or polycarbonate plastic. It has curved inner side walls that absorb the shock of the harsh drops involved in 4A, for which it was designed. However, the body was also designed for perfect weight distribution and incredible maneuverability.

Of course, like any high-end offstring yo-yo, it features a large C-bearing. The Aeronaut also features 19.6mm silicone response pads from YoYoRecreation. For looks, it comes in a variety of semi-translucent and opaque colors.

Also sold separately are Aeronaut Slim Spacers. When equipped to the Aeronaut, these spacers make the yo-yo more responsive and easier to bind. As of 2016, YoYoRecreation had started selling spare body halves for the Aeronaut on their online store.


  • The term "aeronaut" refers to a person who pilots a hot-air balloon or any lighter-than-air vehicle.


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