Manufacturer YoYoRecreation
Release date 2010
Shape Step Round
Color Red
Weight 68.3 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 44mm
Width: 44mm
Trapeze Width: 44mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size D Concave
Response system YYR Size D Pads

The CLASHcube is a yo-yo produced by YoYoRecreation as the second collaboration model with 44CLASH after the CLASH. It was released in 2010.


The CLASHcube is an undersized aluminum yo-yo boasting a Step Round body shape. It has a unique design concept, in which the yo-yo measures 44mm in width, diameter, and trapeze width. As such, it is 44 "cubed". In Japanese, 44 (pronounced "yon-yon") is a slang term for a yo-yo.

As a first for YoYoRecreation, the CLASHcube uses a small, D-sized bearing, complimented by specially-sized silicone response pads. The D-bearing also features a string-centering concave shape on the outer race for professional unresponsive play, much like the popular KonKave bearing. The CLASHcube also has the 44CLASH logo laser engraved on one of the body halves.

The CLASHcube is a very rare yo-yo and was only ever distributed at the 2010 contest, but some examples had managed to find their way onto online retailers, such as Yo-Yo Store Rewind.


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