The Dazzler by YoYoRecreation, first released in 2013, is a signature series yo-yo of Tatsuya Fujisaka.


The Dazzler's dimensions and shape are based on the first edition Stargazer. The body is machined from titanium, which is considerably more durable than both 6061 and 7075 aluminium alloys, allowing for very thin walls and extremely precise weight placement. However, titanium is more expensive, both material- and machining-wise. Consequentially, it gave the Dazzler one of the highest price tags of any production yo-yo out there, retailing for $650 USD, higher than even the YoYoFactory Catch 22 ($460 USD) or the Duncan Freehand Mg ($400-$450 USD).

It also features 19.6mm-sized silicone IrPads, as well as an angular, two-stepped custom C-bearing that centers the string for the most advanced and complex string tricks. This bearing would eventually be given a wider release in 2014 as the Double Straight (DS) bearing.

At the 2015 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest, a new variant of the Dazzler, the FG Dazzler, was released with a new coating that is made by bombarding the titanium body with carbon and oxygen simultaneously, creating a carbon-rich titanium dioxide film around it. This coating, known as "Fresh Green", gives the yo-yo a beautiful, gradiented and slightly translucent black luster. The Fresh Green coating was also originally developed to protect the titanium components of nuclear reactors, boasting the ability to make titanium alloys five times stronger, along with incredible resistance to chemical corrosion. For this reason, the FG Dazzler costs $100 more than the standard version, and even that is particularly expensive.

As of 2017, the price for the yo-yo on the official YoYoRecreation online store has gone down to around $537 USD, which is still expensive.


  • As of current, the most expensive production yo-yo in the world is the Llama DTi, which retails at $930 USD (equivalent to 100,000 JPY).

2013 WYYC Teaser Video

Tatsuya Fujisaka 2013WYYC teaser

Tatsuya Fujisaka 2013WYYC teaser

2013 Worlds teaser vid of the Dazzler feat. Tatsuya Fujisaka