Draupnir black 1.jpg
Manufacturer YoYoRecreation
Release date 2013
Shape Step Straight
Color Various
Weight 63.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Width: 43mm
Material Aluminum with stainless steel rims
Bearing size Size C Double Straight
Size C NSK Micro Double Straight
Response system IrPads (YYR 19.6mm size)

The Draupnir by YoYoRecreation is a bi-metal yo-yo released in 2013. It is widely used among even Team YoYoRecreation and is highly successful and popular in competition usage, with notable users being Iori Yamaki and Akitoshi Tokubuchi.


The Draupnir has a lightweight 7075 aluminum body with stainless steel rims. A denser rim material theoretically increases its spin time and stability. Along with its light weight, it is very maneuverable on the string and spins with great stability - two very important characteristics a competition-grade yo-yo must have - which is possibly why its use is widespread among the YoYoRecreation contest team. The Draupnir also features handmade silicone IrPad response, along with the same two-stepped C-bearing as the titanium Dazzler.

The gold-colored Attuned version has a slightly wider gap, made specifically to Tokubuchi's personal preferences.

In 2014, YoYoRecreation released a composite material (plastic with metal weight rings) yo-yo based on the Draupnir, the Triad.

In 2015, YoYoRecreation re-released the Draupnir to feature a high-end version of the DS bearing produced by NSK Micro.

POM Draupnir

POM Draupnir
Manufacturer YoYoRecreation AE
Release date June 2017
Shape Step Straight
Color Black
Full Black
Weight 65 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Width: 43mm
Material POM with Stainless Steel rims
Bearing size Size C Double Straight
Response system IrPads (YYR 19.6mm size)

The POM Draupnir was released by YoYoRecreation in June 2017 to mark the launch of their new YoYoRecreation AE sub-brand.

It is a variant of the original Draupnir with a POM body, but still retains the shape, measurements, and the stainless steel rims. It has a powerful spin, but with the characteristics of other POM yo-yos.

The Full Black variant, which is black with black rims, is a limited edition model available only on the official YoYoRecreation online store.


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