Manufacturer YoYoRecreation
Release date 2009
Shape Original: Step Straight
Late 2014 onwards: Step Round
Color Various
Weight 65 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Width: 43mm
Material 7075 Aluminum
Bearing size Size C
Size C Concave
Size C Double Straight
Response system YYR 19.6mm pads
IrPads (19.6mm)

The Sleipnir by YoYoRecreation is a signature series yo-yo of former World 1A Champion Shinya Kido.


The Sleipnir is a string trick yo-yo machined from 7075 aluminium, which is stronger, denser and pricier than the 6061 aluminum alloy more commonly used in full-metal yo-yos. Shinya Kido himself had used a prototype Sleipnir in 2009 to win the World Yo-Yo Contest in the 1A Division.[1]

It became renowned for playing fast and controlling well, with near-perfect feedback to the player's commands, allowing it to change direction in a precise, predictable manner. It made the yo-yo popular for competition play, setting a new standard, as well as putting YoYoRecreation on the map.

Christopher Chia used a Sleipnir to win the 2011 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest in the 1A Division. YoYoRecreation commemorated his victory by releasing the "TAKE THAT" edition of the yo-yo, named after the song that Chia used in his performance at the contest.

In late 2014, YoYoRecreation released a redesigned Sleipnir, with new engravings and a rounded step, rather than a sharp, angular step found on previous versions.[2] Its weight and contest-level playing characteristics remain relatively unchanged, but the yo-yo also features new laser engravings and a concave bearing. At the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest, three new splash anodizations of the Sleipnir were released.

In late May 2016, two new colors of the Sleipnir was released, in black and gold. [3]


  • The Sleipnir (pronounced "slip-near") is named after the mythical eight-legged horse ridden by Odin from Norse mythology. 



2014 Sleipnir

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