The Blazer is a yo-yo by Yomega that was released in 2007.


The Blazer is an aluminum, Butterfly-shaped yo-yo that features a distinctive adjustable response system.

Around the area of the bearing are a series of holes, in which black rubber pegs could be inserted to provide response similar to conventional response pads. The pegs can be inserted and arranged in any way the user prefers it, and how they are arranged determines the yo-yo's responsiveness. The yo-yo comes in five different colors, and had an MSRP of around $90 USD.

Though it could be used for unresponsive play, the Blazer had a couple of problems; The bearing seat and axle is designed in a way that prevents the user from switching in a KonKave or similar bearing, and the anodization can be scratched off easily with one's fingernail. Along with that, it isn't too visually appealing, either.

However, because it was released sometime during the events of the fiasco at the 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest, combined with the bad publicity brought upon Yomega because of said incident (along with some very personal jabs directed towards Greg Cohen, Steven Brown, and anybody who sided with them by the company's then-CEO Alan A. Amaral), the Blazer did not become a very popular yo-yo.

In short, the Blazer was a yo-yo that had some potential, but it had tragically never taken off due to having been released at the worst possible time.


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