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The Fireball by Yomega is a yo-yo first released in 1989. It was also licensed to Bandai for the Hyper Yo-Yo line in the late 1990s. 


Released five years after the original Yo-yo with a Brain, the Fireball featured a transaxle, a plastic sleeve made of teflon placed over the yo-yo's metal axle. The sleeve also has a groove where the string could be attached. This component allowed the yo-yo to spin three times longer than yo-yos that have a fixed axle, thus giving players a bit more time to complete advanced tricks.

The Fireball also became a very popular yo-yo for looping, especially during the yo-yo boom of the 1990s, and was even released in the Japanese Hyper Yo-Yo line. Some 2A players modify their Fireball yo-yos for professional-level 2A looping play. It was also popular for promotions, ranging from player teams to yo-yo retailers (such as Infinite Illusions) and even contests.

Even to this day, it is one of Yomega's flagship yo-yos, alongside the Brain and the roller bearing-equipped Raider.


  • Saber Wing Fireball - Features a wing-shaped body for string tricks. Originally released in Bandai's Hyper Yo-Yo line as the Stealth Fire.
  • Fireball Glow - Glow-in-the-dark variation.
  • Fireball Collector's Edition - Features a special transaxle sleeve for even longer sleep times.
  • Fireball Stealth - Japanese-exclusive version with a wider transaxle sleeve to allow for faster looping.
  • Fireball Jewel - Features a plastic jewel on the center for looks.
  • SpinPhoenix - 2010s Hyper Yo-Yo re-release with a phoenix motif.

Official Description[]

Outrageous Yo[]

Outrageous Yo (1989)[]

The unique transaxle system provides record-breaking spins that are unobtainable with ordinary yo-yo's [sic].

Spins for 30 seconds or more in skilled hands.

Now, even the beginner can learn the "sleeper", the basis for most yo-yo tricks, quickly and easily! It's by far the easiest yo-yo to play and the most scientifically engineered for mastery of all the complex tricks.

The modular design makes it easy to untie knots and lubricate the axle. A small drop of oil directly on the axle ensures record-breaking spins. Be sure to tighten yo-yo halves periodically. Do not overtighten.


Fireball (Hyper Yo-Yo) (1997)[]

Type E - Long-sleep Type

With its long-lasting sleep time, it is an item for advanced users. Diameter about 59mm. Weight about 52 grams.

Infinite Illusions 1999 Spring/Summer Catalog[]

Plastic imperial-shaped yo-yo with a Delron transaxle, allowing for longer spins than any fixed axle yo-yo. Great for most tricks.


  • When the Fireball was first released, it was originally named the Outrageous Yo. The name was changed in 1992 to Fireball after Yomega took over the trademark for the name Fireball when it expired, and it has been used since then.
  • In 2020, the Fireball was updated with a new logo and packaging.


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